The Ultimate Guide to Car Loan Interest Rates
How to compare all your rate options and get an unbeatable deal, even if you are rebuilding your credit.
veryone wants to know how to find the lowest rates when buying a vehicle.

But it can be difficult to get a straight answer. There are so many different lenders to choose from, and dealers can often be misleading.

As one of western Canada's largest auto loan brokers, Guaranteed Auto has helped more than 5,400 Canadians find their best rate since 1999.

We created this quick guide to help dispel some of the common myths about financing rates.

Here's what you'll learn:

Why you can't just immediately compare rates online
The four key factors that affect your rate
The quick & easy way to find your best rate

Why you can't just immediately compare rates online
Sometimes you'll see "starting at" rate numbers posted on bank websites.

But the truth is that only people with the absolute best credit will qualify for the starting rate. Most of us will end up paying somewhere between 3.99 to 29 percent.

Rates are customized to fit your unique financial situation and vehicle preferences. It's just like buying a new pair of glasses. It's different for everyone...

Don't be misled by the "starting at" figure when you begin rate shopping.

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